How it Works

Mission: Adoption allows you to raise funds for any aspect of your adoption mission from home study through to post placement expenses, including necessary home improvements, therapies, and equipment.

Fill in the simple form we provide, and submit your mission funding campaign for approval.  Once it is approved, your campaign will appear on our front page.  You will be able to share your campaign using a variety of social share icons.

You can choose an all-or-nothing campaign or a flex-funding campaign.  We charge the same 5% regardless of what type of campaign you choose, and we don’t charge up front and then refund fees.  Our fee does not include the payment processing fee of 2.9% + $ 0.55.

You can choose to give thank you gifts (rewards) to your contributors, or not.



Create and upload a video – people connect with your face and voice.  Your video doesn’t have to be fancy or professionally produced.  Make sure that the sound is good (the wind blowing across the mic can ruin an otherwise great video), and be as creative as you can.  Have fun!

Write a press release – write up a simple press release to send out to local media.  There are many templates available online.  Be sure to include the link to your campaign!

Share online – share your campaign online everywhere that it is appropriate to do so.  Use the integrated social share buttons, and share with your email groups. Be careful about sharing with professional groups or on work emails.  Ask first.

Account for the cost of rewards – If you choose to give rewards, or thank-you gifts, to your contributors, remember to account for that cost in your final fundraising goal.  You can quickly deplete your funds paying for and shipping thank-you gifts if you haven’t begun by figuring their costs.  People don’t expect rewards for helping with an adoption, other than a thank-you message and the knowledge that they have helped make it possible for a child or children to have a forever family of their very own.

Ask for prayers and shares – not everyone is able to give, but they can pray for your mission, and they can share the link to your campaign.  Surely, faith moves mountains.  And everyone has someone on their social network who is moved – and able – to help.

By submitting a mission campaign, you agree to abide by Mission: Adoption‘s Terms of Use