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ЧРД Никола

Two years ago, we first saw their faces on an adoption photolisting.  An older brother and sister from Bulgaria.  Beautiful brown eyes, sweet smiles.

We saved that photo and prayed that God would let us know if and when the time was right.  Six months later, we were contacted by a friend, asking us to consider a brother and sister from Bulgaria.  So we promised to pray about it.

They were the very same brother and sister.

Two weeks later, we said ‘yes!’ and began what has been a long process peppered with challenges and difficulties – and abundant grace.  Every obstacle has fallen to make a way for this adoption.  Truly these two have always been intended for us.

On 15 September, the judge affirmed what faith had already told us – Nicholas David and Olivia Nicôle are OURS FOREVER.

We spent the last year raising funds for placement and travel fees and were very nearly fully funded when we received the disappointing news that a serious accounting error meant that our grant fund was now $5000 short AND that we owe the grantmaking organization over $4000 of the funds they had already disbursed.

We can not leave our children in Bulgaria.  We expect to be invited to travel around 20 October.

We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider sharing our campaign with your friends and family to make Nick and Libby’s homecoming possible.  Any contribution to our fund is a blessing and we are truly grateful.


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